Intelligent Data Processing

Ametras developed an Intelligent Data Processing and Document Management System (DMS) to enhance document processing quality and efficiency for a Financial Institution. The solution automates data processing and decision-making, reducing risks associated with financial and insurance obligations tied to physical assets securing loans.

Key Technical Features
  • Document Intake
    • Physical mail processing, scanning, and automated SFTP batch processing to a secure cloud FTP server.
    • OCR conversion of document images to full text.
    • Data extraction modules verify specific indexed elements against data sources.
    • Automated business rules interpret data points without user interaction.
  • User Interfaces
    • Secure browser access for flexible document management from various locations.
  • Workflow Functions
    • Validate extracted elements and escalate questionable documents for review.
    • Execute additional audits, send documents for downline processing, and validate physical document locations.
    • Comprehensive reporting and bulk document processing capabilities.
    • Support for multiple document types with embedded processing rules.
  • Search Functionality
    • Full-text search and Google-like search capabilities across all imported documents.
    • Specifically indexed fields for individual documents.
Key Benefits
  • Improved Efficiency
    • Automation of document processing reduces manual intervention and processing time.
  • Enhanced Compliance
    • Consistent application of business rules ensures regulatory adherence.
  • Scalability and Reliability
    • Cloud-based architecture offers scalable and reliable document processing.
  • User Flexibility
    • Secure browser access allows document management from various locations, improving operational flexibility.
  • Better Workflow Management
  • Comprehensive workflow functions and automated audits enhance document handling and accuracy.

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