Full-Stack Development

Ametras undertook a project to modernize the software infrastructure for the German Public Administration, focusing on maintaining the existing system while developing a new client with advanced technology and a more appealing user interface.

Key Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Backend Development (Java, Spring, Hibernate)
    • Robust Backend: Utilized Java, Spring, and Hibernate to ensure a scalable and efficient backend, capable of handling complex administrative processes and large volumes of data.
    • Efficient Data Management: Hibernate provided efficient data management and integration with Postgres DB, ensuring reliable data storage and retrieval.
  • Database Management (Elastic Search, Postgres DB)
    • Enhanced Search Functionality: Elastic Search improved the system’s search capabilities, allowing for quick and efficient information retrieval.
    • Scalable Database Solution: Postgres DB offered a reliable and scalable database to support the system’s extensive data needs.
  • Front-End Development (AngularJS with JavaScript, React with TypeScript)
    • Current System: Utilized AngularJS with JavaScript for a functional and responsive user interface.
    • Modern UI Development: Developed the new client with React and TypeScript, providing a modern and dynamic user experience, ensuring type safety and efficient development.
  • Module Bundling (Webpack)
    • Optimized Loading: Used Webpack for bundling JavaScript modules, ensuring optimized and efficient application loading.
Key Features Developed
  • Improved User Interface
    • Modern Look and Feel: The new client features a modern and intuitive user interface, enhancing the overall user experience.
    • Responsive Design: Ensured the application is accessible and functional across various devices and screen sizes.
  • Enhanced Performance and Scalability
    • Optimized Backend: The combination of Java, Spring, and Hibernate ensures a robust and scalable backend, capable of handling increased loads and complex processes.
    • Efficient Search: Elastic Search provides fast and accurate search capabilities, improving data retrieval times.
  • Advanced Technology Integration
    • Front-End Modernization: The shift to React with TypeScript for the new client ensures a more dynamic and maintainable codebase, supporting future enhancements and updates.
    • Modular Architecture: Webpack’s module bundling ensures efficient and optimized loading of the application, reducing load times and improving performance.

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