Multi-Domain, Multi-Site Drupal Platform

Ametras designed and implemented a sophisticated Drupal platform for Questex, supporting multiple large media sites and events pages. This solution leverages a range of technologies to ensure high performance, scalability, and ease of management.

Key Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Core Development (PHP and Drupal)
    • Flexible CMS: PHP and Drupal form the core of the platform, providing a powerful content management system capable of handling complex requirements.
    • Custom Modules: Developed custom Drupal modules to cater to the specific needs of each media site and event page.
  • Interactive Front-End (Vue.js and Vanilla.js)
    • Dynamic Experiences: Used Vue.js and Vanilla.js to create interactive and dynamic front-end experiences, enhancing user engagement.
    • Responsive Design: Ensured all sites are fully responsive, providing a seamless experience across different devices and screen sizes.
  • Performance Optimization (Cloudflare, MemCache, Varnish)
    • Fast Load Times: Utilized Cloudflare for CDN services, MemCache for database caching, and Varnish for HTTP acceleration to ensure optimal performance.
    • Robust Security: Cloudflare also provides robust security features, protecting the sites from various online threats.
  • Development Environment (Vagrant and Docker)
    • Streamlined Development: Employed Vagrant and Docker to create consistent and isolated development environments, ensuring smooth deployments.
Key Features Developed
  • Multi-Domain Management
    • Unified Platform: Manages multiple domains and sites from a single Drupal platform, simplifying administration and content management.
    • Extensive Customization: Allows for extensive customization for each domain, catering to specific branding and functionality requirements.
  • Event Sites and Landing Pages
    • Integrated Event Management: Hosts various event sites and landing pages, such as IECSC Chicago and World Tea Expo, providing comprehensive event information and registration capabilities.
    • Dynamic Content: Facilitates dynamic content updates and real-time information dissemination for events.
  • Performance and Scalability
    • High Traffic Handling: Optimized to handle high traffic volumes, ensuring reliability and performance even during peak times.
    • Scalable Infrastructure: The platform can scale seamlessly to accommodate the growing needs of Questex’s media properties.

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