Full-Stack Development

Ametras developed a sophisticated software solution aimed at facilitating the creation and distribution of legal documents required by investment funds to comply with state regulations. Our comprehensive software development approach ensured streamlined legal compliance processes, enhanced operational efficiency, and ensured regulatory adherence.

Key Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Backend Development (Python and Java-Based Microservices)
    • Backend Flexibility and Performance: Python and Java-based microservices provide a robust and flexible backend, capable of handling complex business logic and ensuring seamless integration with other services.
    • Microservices Architecture: This architecture allows for independent deployment and scaling of services, improving overall application performance and maintainability.
  • Front-End Development (Vue.js)
    • User-Friendly Interface: Vue.js was utilized to create an intuitive and responsive front-end, enhancing the user experience for bank employees and ensuring ease of use.
    • Dynamic Components: Facilitated the development of dynamic and interactive components, improving the efficiency of document management tasks.
  • Serverless Architecture (AWS Lambda)
    • Serverless Architecture: AWS Lambda allows for a serverless architecture, reducing infrastructure management overhead and providing on-demand scaling.
    • Cost Efficiency: This serverless approach ensures that the application runs efficiently, reducing costs by only consuming resources as needed.
  • Database Management (AWS Infrastructure)
    • Scalability and Reliability: Using AWS infrastructure provides a scalable and reliable environment, capable of handling high volumes of document processing and distribution with minimal downtime.
    • Security: AWS ensures robust security measures, protecting sensitive financial and legal data.
Key Features Developed
  • Document Creation and Compliance
    • Automated Document Generation: Ensures the creation of legal documents according to the latest state regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance.
    • Compliance Verification: Built-in checks to verify document compliance with legal standards before distribution.
  • Document Distribution
    • Automated Distribution: Streamlines the process of distributing documents to various legal authorities, ensuring timely and accurate submissions.
    • Tracking and Reporting: Provides comprehensive tracking and reporting features to monitor the distribution status and ensure accountability.
  • User Access and Responsibility Management
    • Role-Based Access Control: Ensures a proper separation of responsibilities among bank users, with role-based access control to restrict document access and management rights.
    • Audit Trails: Maintains detailed audit trails to track user activities and ensure compliance with internal and external regulations.

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