This case study explores how a leading organization revolutionized its HR operations with d.velop documents, an advanced Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. Specializing in secure and centralized document management, d.velop documents transforms the handling of personnel files and digital documents. By digitizing paper files, emails, and other documents, the organization ensures easy access and efficient distribution for authorized users, even on mobile devices. This strategic implementation has optimized workflows, improved document accessibility, and enhanced overall HR efficiency.

Enterprise Content Management

d.velop documents offers a centralized document management system with archiving software for secure storage of various documents. From paper files to emails, everything is digitally organized for easy access and distribution by authorized users, even on mobile devices

Key Benefits
  • Integrated Platform: A comprehensive system that consolidates various functions or features into a single, cohesive platform for seamless management and operation.
  • Rapid Retrieval: The ability to quickly and efficiently locate and access desired information or data within a system, ensuring swift response times and improved productivity.
  • Automated Compliance Assurance:Utilizing automated processes and mechanisms to ensure adherence to regulatory standards, reducing the need for manual oversight and minimizing the risk of non-compliance.
  • Workflow Integration: Seamless incorporation of various tasks, processes, and systems into a unified and coordinated workflow. It involves linking different elements of a workflow, such as data inputs, processing steps, and outputs, to optimize efficiency, enhance collaboration, and streamline operations.
  • Cutting-Edge Integration Interface: An advanced and sophisticated interface that facilitates seamless communication and interaction between different systems, applications, or platforms, enabling efficient data exchange and interoperability.
d.velop postbox
Key Benefits
  • With the digital mailbox d.velop postbox, delivery takes a step forward: encrypted and provided with an electronic delivery receipt, we offer a secure alternative to conventional portals. All documents in the d.velop postbox are exclusively stored in Germany – Made in Germany, Safe in Germany. Get ready for a new era of document delivery!
Employee app
Key Benefits
  • Reach all employees – administrative and operational staff – quickly and easily through an app.
  • Social news, events, checklists, and employee self-services
  • Location-independent use via private smartphone or company PC
  • GDPR-compliant and hosted in a German data center
Integration Interface
Key Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Rest-API: Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface is a standardized method for enabling communication between software applications over the web. It uses HTTP protocols and stateless communication for simplicity, scalability, and interoperability.
Key Benefits
  • Integration into the leading HR-Software:
    • manage personnel files automatically in d.velop documents
    • import created documents out of the hr system into d.velop documents

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