Ametras developed an Intelligent Data Processing and Document Management System (DMS) to streamline document management for Healthcare Company. The system centralizes storage and processing of healthcare documents, ensuring compliance and improving service levels. It can be deployed either on-premise or in a secure cloud-based environment.

Key Technical Features
  • Document Intake and Workflow Allocation
    • Automated import of inbound faxes (via email-to-fax or other channels).
    • Document identification and creation of separate workflow items.
    • Workflow routing based on inbound number or document type.
  • User Interfaces
    • Browser and desktop client interfaces for flexible access.
  • Workflow Functions
    • Add notes, split faxes, create new workflows, and reroute documents.
    • Integration with HCMS/EMR systems via API.
  • Search Functionality
    • Full-text search across all imported documents.
    • Google-like search capabilities with indexed fields.
  • Automated Data Extraction
    • Extraction of specific indexed data elements (e.g., patient demographics, diagnosis codes).
Key Benefits
  • Improved Efficiency
    • Automation of document management tasks reduces manual data entry and processing time.
  • Enhanced Compliance
    • Built-in compliance verification ensures documents meet legal standards before distribution.
  • Scalability and Reliability
    • AWS infrastructure provides a scalable and reliable environment with robust security measures.
  • User Flexibility
    • Flexible access through browser and desktop interfaces, accommodating various user needs and locations.
  • Better Workflow Management
    • Comprehensive workflow functions improve document handling and routing, ensuring efficient departmental operations.

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